Drug Testing for Dummies

Help Not Harm
1 min readAug 27, 2022

Help Not Harm will host an educational meetup to discuss the different approaches to drug testing in other jurisdictions. Speakers will present on these methodologies and a discussion will be hosted in relation to Ireland’s approach to this service.

Featuring Maria Langan, ICU nurse and trustee with The Loop

Drug Testing, or Drug Checking, is a harm reduction service to test substances for contaminates and purity.

“Front of House” testing is a service that offers real-time results usually within 5–15 minutes directly communicated to the patron.

“Back of House” is to describe testing drug samples made through drop-in bins that are collected for the purpose of testing for contaminates and/ or potency typically communicated through all event and community service providers.

Drug testing is usually free and anonymous.

Free artisanal coffee and stone baked pizza and will be provided by @SomaCoffeeCoLtd @BurntPizzaCork

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Help Not Harm

Help Not Harm is a campaign supporting a shift of drugs from criminal justice to public health to improve access to harm reduction, education and treatment.