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2 min readSep 30, 2016


By Brian Houlihan

Steven from Cannabis News Network

Just over two weeks ago our hugely successful medical cannabis summit took place in Dublin. You can read Volteface’s review of the summit here. However the summit wasn’t the only event that took place during that week.

Over a number of days various events involving Help Not Harm were held. Talks featuring HNH members in Kilkenny, Galway and Cork took place. The UK documentary Grassroots: A Cannabis Revolution’ had its Irish premiere. There was also various media appearances ahead of and after the summit. We also hope to announce details soon of a possible RTE feature which will include summit footage.

Ireland had many guests from across the world for the summit, and among those was the wonderful Steven from Cannabis News Network. Steven and his team regularly produce videos which look at different aspects of cannabis and hemp culture across the globe. Usually featuring stories few have heard of.

Cannabis News Network will produce a number videos from the materials recorded and the first two were released just today. Both, which can be watched below, include footage of our summit and interviews with some of the participants. The second video below features a heart wrenching interview with one of Help Not Harm’s directors Tom Curran.

Medical Cannabis Summit Report
Interview with Tom Curran

The next videos which will be released in the coming weeks with look further at medical cannabis, the premiere of Grassroots, hemp in Ireland, one man’s court case and more. Make sure to keep an eye out for them.

On a personal note, it was fantastic to meet Steven and I am delighted I was able to be of some assistance with arranging interviews. We hope to have you back again in Ireland soon. Keep up the great work.

Brian Houlihan is a member of Help Not Harm which seeks to shift the emphasis of Irish drug policy from criminal justice to public health.



Help Not Harm

Help Not Harm is a campaign supporting a shift of drugs from criminal justice to public health to improve access to harm reduction, education and treatment.